Many years ago, an Internet Relay Chat service existed on this domain name,

This IRC network was known for a short time as SGWIRC, it then became ReplayIRC, and for a shorter time, a spin off known as RiftIRC.

This all took place between 2006 to 2012. It sure feels like a long time ago, and it was.

Many memories were created on ReplayIRC. Many friends and new bonds were made.

At one point, ReplayIRC had many IRC servers (a silly amount of 12 at one point!) linked together from all over the world. Some of the servers were on puny 10Mbps pipes, and a couple on 1Gbps pipes. For the times back then, getting a bandwidth port more than 100Mbps was unheard of! The IRC network at peak had a little more than 350 people on it at one time, averaging between 100 to 175 daily. A big feat for a small, tiny little grass roots IRC community.

IRC today is but only a small glimmer of what it was a long time ago. We now have so many social media options available. Discord being what appears to be the true evolution, and likely spiritual successor of IRC. It was real, and it was fun; but times have changed and ReplayIRC ceased all chat-related operations as of 2012. only exists now in spirit to those that used the chat service. The domain name will remain registered for as long as I (bctrainers / Brett C) am alive on this planet that we all know and love called Earth. Partially because I don't want this domain to fall into the hands of scammers, domain scalpers and fraudsters, but I digress.

For anyone who are reminiscing's chat stuffs, you're always welcome to poke me on Twitter (@bctrainers), Facebook (/bctrainers), or by email, 'brettc @ replayirc . com' to have a chat.